Thai-Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd

Manufacturing and Sales Division :

  • Copper Rod and Aluminium Rod
  • Building Wire and Cable
  • Flexible Wire and Cable
  • Control Cable and Instument Cable
  • Auotmobile Wire and Cable
  • Aluminium Conductor and Cable for Transmission and Distribution Line
  • Low Medium High Voltage Power Cable
  • Special Wire and Power Cable
  • Lead Free Vinyl Electrical Insulation Tape

Thai Metal Processing Co., Ltd

Copper wire rod production

Thai Arrow Product Co., Ltd

Manufacturing and Export Sales Division

  • Wiring harness for automotive
  • Combination meter for automotive
  • Automotive wire for wiring harness
  • Combination parts for wiring harness
  • Vinyl tape

YIC Asia Pacific Corporation Limited

The company has developed a capable EDS wiring D&D team to support local customers R&D needs. Development and design of parts, Automotive wiring harness, Meter, Holding and Financing for affiliates and Domestic Sales Division

The Company has experienced continuous sals growth due to our customer's recognition of our product Quality, service, and reliability

YIC Asia Pacific Corporation Limited.

Management function of

  • Administration & General Affairs
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
  • Computer & Communicaton Systems
  • Environmental Affairs for affiliates


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